7 Frequency Bands (Foundation Class). 2012 Version

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If you are looking to raise your consciousness, you will learn how your frequency bands play a crucial role in expanding it, taking you from the limited thoughts of who you are to the limitless possibility of your true being.

If you are looking to manifest what you desire in your life, the frequency bands play the important role of attracting or repelling the very things that you want.

This value-packed 4-part teaching will give you a deeper understanding into how consciousness and energy act in tandem to create your life.

This course explains why your life does not change much, even if you desire to improve it.

With the guidance in this course, you can attain and retain a high frequency, which will take you from a life of repeated similar experiences to one of fulfillment and amazing possibilities.

The frequency you emit is what attracts and repels all that you desire in life. Learning about this aspect will allow you to be a master at attracting exactly what you want in your life and repelling what you do not.

You will be better able to understand and withstand the impact of a fear-based collective creative consciousness, and allow yourself to be inspired by a love-based collective creative consciousness.

They are the fishing line on the end of the fishing pole that dips into the pool of thought and picks up a thought that matches the frequency of the line, and pulls it into your consciousness as a thought, and you process that thought.” ~ Julius

An understanding of the Seven Seals of Consciousness is essential to derive the maximum benefit from this class.

This course is the 2012 Version and has valid and valuable information, guidance and applications, hence it has been continued to be sold, however at a reduced price than when originally published it at. We have an update to this course titled “The 7 Frequency Bands And Your Auric Field. 2016 Version”, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

Foundation Courses:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.