This teaching is advanced in its concept and may seem controversial at first, yet it is the cornerstone for the raising of consciousness.

The wide-reaching impact of this teaching on us, and our lives, is incalculable as it sets aside one of the greatest barriers to self-empowerment created by man, not by God or enlightened beings, as Julius points out.

The concept of good and bad has been deeply embedded in all human beings over lifetimes. It has led to strongly held concepts of what is fair and what is not, the need for justice, and that the one who has wronged deserves his/her comeuppance.

Therefore, there may be resistance in allowing oneself to believe that anything else could be the truth.

The best way to receive this valuable and compassionate teaching is to perhaps allow Julius to guide you through this truth, as they clarify it in great depth. As they explain, it is your reasoning mind that will help you traverse from long-held beliefs to the inner knowing of this truth, which is a remembrance rather than a new learning.

Julius explains why this deeply embedded belief is a limitation that prevents the expansion into higher consciousness and peace.

As you contemplate and delve into this truth, it will bring you peace and a deeper understanding of what Source really is and your unique contribution to the All.

This teaching is essential for awakening. It is the all-important key to letting go of fear, shame, guilt, not being worthy or lovable. And with the release of these low frequency emotions, forgiveness, love and compassion are accessed.

We do many, many advanced teachings on consciousness, learning how to move into forgiveness and all allowing that is love, which is a very high state of consciousness to achieve. It is a desirable place to be, for peace is found in that state of consciousness”. ~ Julius