The teachings in this course and the Seven Seals of Consciousness are the Foundation teachings of Julius. Your understanding of who you are, and why your life is the way it is, will not be complete without the basic and crucial information provided in these teachings.

Though there is a lot of information available on energy frequency, this teaching is extraordinary in its depth, clarity and the unique information that it provides.

It is also one that is quite unprecedented in the length of the lectures because Julius shares a lot of information that empowers all who hear it.

There are 7 energy frequency bands surrounding your physical embodiment. You are walking around projecting an energy. Depending on the frequency, or activation of, your frequency bands, you attract different people, places, things and opportunities into your life.

Your frequency is sacred. Become aware of how the surrounding frequency impacts you, how you actively attract and repel what you want in your life, and how your frequency is who you are being.

Julius provides clear information on the most mystifying, breathtaking quantum pocket of energy within us – Kundalini Energy. 

And in knowing this valuable information, you can move rapidly into resolution of all issues plaguing you, with all the detailed, practical guidance provided to you by Julius in the modules of these teachings.

Julius gives you this amazing information:

  • How you can protect your sacred frequency and consciousness from manipulative frequencies.
  • About the colors and location of the 7 primary energy frequency bandwidths.
  • About the range, speed, vibration of your energy frequencies.
  • About the activation and ignition of your energy frequency bands.
  • What your auric field is composed of.
  • What is the powerful force that ignites your frequency bands?
  • What is the difference in the lives of those in lower and higher frequencies?
  • The connection between energy frequency, and your health & well-being.
  • About how you are a powerful magnet.
  • What everything in your life is a reflection of.
  • The amazing benefits of raising your frequency.
  • Practical suggestions, visualisations and applications to raise your frequency.
  • Guidance on leaving specific fears behind.
  • The inspirational story of a student.
  • How sensitivity to frequency becomes a useful tool.
  • What happens when you start playing in the higher seals.
  • How each frequency band brings substantial changes in your life.
  • What happens when you visit other seals periodically.
  • Important guidance for healers.
  • The interesting analogy of membership of different clubs.
  • The key to the “freeway of life”, to lock or unlock an incredible life for you.
  • How reaching higher frequencies becomes easier.
  • About the treasure map within you to enlightenment – the incredible kundalini energy.
  • Important information about what happens when kundalini energy is released.
  • Obesity – the real reason behind it, and the solution.
  • Why we get addicted to particular thoughts and frequencies.
  • About the conflict between science and spirituality.
  • The impact of low frequencies on your experience of life.
  • About frequencies around you, and medicinal drugs.
  • The solution to remaining unaffected by lower frequencies.
  • An interesting experiment to see how you scatter low frequency energy away from you.
  • What is holding you back?
  • Why you are miserable when you are on your conscious journey?

More gems in this teaching:

  • A practice to help you see your auric field.
  • The fascinating world of animals and their consciousness.
  • An example to illustrate how organic matter takes on frequency.
  • About using crystals to dispel low frequency.
  • About the frequencies of music.
  • About the behavior of others.
  • About the speed of emotions.
  • The truth of being very thin.
  • Can you heal animals?
  • About thoughts and the brain.
  • About messages from loved ones through mediums.
  • About the consciousness of practitioners.
  • Deeper nuances of judgment.
  • About the soul and the inner child.
  • What causes seizures?
  • The creative process.

Your energy frequency bandwidths are that which convert you back to being Source.” ~ Julius

Foundation Workshops: