How to expand your brain beyond simple receivership of information.
Your brain does not create thought, it receives thought.
But its intensity ability is far more expandable than you realize.
We will address this topic and more which will assist you in creating your chosen reality.

In the lecture, Julius gives us a clear understanding of how limited we have been and how to get out of this state:
– What a conscious journey is
– What is held within our subconscious mind
– Why humans remain in limited thoughts
– Caution about chemicals and hallucinogens
– Why this topic is so important for your manifestation
– The process of receiving higher, expanded thoughts
– How to move beyond simple receivership
– The true meaning of ‘thinking’
– How our reptilian brain remains activated
– What to do when the altered ego steps in to limit your thoughts
– What judgment really is
– What is possible – Julius speaks eloquently on this
– An amazing brain activation by Julius – to be practised regularly

The Q&A goes deep into a number of exciting topics:
– What the brain activation will do for you
– The purpose of the subconscious mind
– Clarity on the benefits of hypnotherapy
– How can we access other lifetimes when we don’t have the same brain?
– How the mind of the genius works as compared to normal mind
– The mark of a genius
– What intelligence is
– Can depression be alleviated by brain activity?
– In-depth understanding of cognitive dissonance & how to get beyond it
– The part of the brain involved in channelling, telekinesis and shapeshifting
– What is possible in the growth of consciousness now
– The deep connection in the brain between images and thoughts
– Can you access the knowledge held within the kundalini energy through the trance state?
– The truth about corona virus
– How to catch new thoughts, especially when seeking to solve problems

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These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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