Live online 3 part workshop consists of 2 teachings and 1 discussion.

Our thoughts were meant to consistently expand.

What happened?

Julius will provide insight on how humanity got stuck and how you can release yourself from the Matrix.

Julius lays a solid foundation for the movement into high consciousness:

  • The next revolutionary step after getting into the Void
  • The perspective that lifts the barrier to high consciousness
  • Take your meditation to the next level too
  • A mind-blowing vision of what we are designed to do
  • A huge Aha moment about the expansiveness of this hologram of earth
  • The authentic truth about imagination
  • Why your life is not changing into what you wish it to be
  • When do meditations, spiritual practices and mantras lose their potency?
  • A clear gauge of your highest vibration
  • What high frequency does for you – a big lightbulb moment!
  • A major drawback that keeps us limited in consciousness
  • Telltale signs of low and high vibration in your body
  • A crucial practice of contemplation and manifestation in higher frequencies
  • How to find fantastic solutions quickly
  • Getting into practicing higher frequency manifestation
  • A fabulous insight into why some things in the past didn’t work out and now do
  • An important insight into self-judgment
  • Another high-frequency practice in daily life
  • How to powerfully change what you are sitting in the middle of
  • What is focus?
  • Julius’ parting words on unified consciousness

The Q&A has additional and exciting insights:

  • The movement of the Merkaba
  • How to experience thoughts thoroughly
  • What keeps us in amnesia and what gets us out
  • A higher understanding about the higher self
  • Recognizing certain aspects of programming
  • Insights into the experience of the 7 levels of consciousness on earth
  • How to blend unity consciousness with the practices in this workshop
  • A big Aha moment about our variations of thought
  • How to prevent energy dissipating in a practice or a sound bath

Foundation Workshops: