Two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

There is so much information on doing dark Soul work. We believe it doesn’t have to be dark, just trapped and blocked issues. These issues can even be love. Love that you block or keep trapped so you don’t use it.
Julius will dive into this subject matter to help loosen your own thought Matrix.
In the first module, Julius goes deeply into many aspects of this topic:
  • A real-life example of trapped emotions
  • When emotions are not trapped
  • The many ways trapped emotions impact you
  • The most efficient way to clear emotions
  • How emotions have become trapped in you in your life
  • The vastness or limitedness of your energy field
  • High wisdom on helping others
  • The quantum energy that cleans and clears limitations
  • Guidelines on clearing trapped emotions
  • How to know you have trapped emotions you are not aware of
  • The ways of the altered ego and the soul
  • A deeper, very interesting understanding of trapped versus blocked emotions
  • Insights into soul intention
  • Inspirational guidance on being love
  • Other things that trap you
  • What blocks you from efficiently clearing trapped emotions

The Q&A gives deeper insights into this topic:

  • How ascended masters emote
  • Why healing issues & trapped emotions take much inner work
  • What truly and completely heals issues
  • Brilliant wisdom from a participant
  • Another big insight into why emotions remain trapped
  • How electronic devices impact us and the resolution
  • Julius’ description of the experience of oneness on a physical plane
  • Another important component that exacerbates trapped emotions
  • A beautiful practice to release emotions trapped in the body
  • Spiritual causes for putting on weight
  • Why we don’t release low-frequency emotions immediately
  • A very effective R-factoring practice related to the altered ego
  • The most important, lesser known reason for grounding
  • The consequences of swinging between high and low frequency emotions
  • The less dense element of our bodies
  • The causes and resolution of burning feet
  • Why some people let go of emotions and others hold on to emotions

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