Pool Of Emotion

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March 19th – 21st @6pm MTS

Just as there is a pool of thought, there is a pool of emotion. One of the most exciting things we could do for ourselves is dive deep into that pool and enjoy physical life from a totally different, elevated level of knowledge and emotions.

To suppress or cut off from your emotions is to become detached from your soul. In the manifestation process, emotions are the rocket fuel for propelling thoughts into materialization.

They are energy in motion – e-motion.

In the lectures of this neglected but most vital subject, Julius gave high wisdom about:

  • Where and what initiates our emotions.
  • The cause of mundane thoughts.
  • The vital and fascinating key understanding of thoughts and emotions.
  • How to move through the levels of consciousness.
  • Two very important yet entirely different ways of experiencing emotions.
  • The origin of limitation in our lives.
  • How we become severed from our soul.
  • A beautiful analogy of thoughts and emotions.
  • The hindrance we face when we don’t use enough of a particular universal gift.
  • When you are at your most creative.
  • Fabulous fun game for us and especially people with emotional disorders.
  • Why boredom and the mundane sets in.
  • The crucial difference between light beings and human beings in this context.
  • A game of mastering our consciousness here on earth.
  • What creates the waiting in your life.
  • How to decipher when your altered ego or your soul is engaged.
  • The process of getting into higher states of consciousness.
  • Various interesting practices and games to play for refining this process.
  • How to create your own high-frequency pool of
  • Owning your life with authority and creativity.