This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Julius will provide insight on unresolved emotional issues and what Chakras are blocked.
By being informed and aware we can focus on clearing each emotion center in the body. This class is valuable to practitioners, healers and energy workers of all levels. It will also assist anyone working directly on their own energy fields and helping to innerstand some of your emotional issues.
In the first module, Julius dives deep into the 7 primary chakras:
  • Why the physical body is very, very important
  • Fascinating information on high consciousness and chakras
  • The foundational energies that impact the root chakra
  • New and much deeper information on the chakras and emotions blocking them
  • The amazing outcome of clearing the lower 3 chakras
  • The crucial understanding of what creates our reality

The Q&A brings more fascinating and helpful information:

  • More insights into masculine and feminine energies within us
  • Imbalance in chakras
  • Interesting information about androgynous, binary, uninary beings
  • Using light and colors in healing
  • Words of caution while healing
  • Energy signatures of your bodies
  • How to sustain the clearing of the chakras
  • Another way to heal yourself
  • The important thing to understand about medbeds
  • Obesity and how to resolve it
Foundation Workshops: