As you move onwards in your journey through consciousness, you think you falter sometimes. You experience fear-based emotions and do not know how to deal with these. How could you still be in the grip of stress or frustration or anger when you have been working for so long on raising your consciousness?

You prioritize experiences of positive emotions, but other emotions like fear, anger, doubt and sadness you see as signs that you are doing something wrong, or that you have done something wrong on your path to enlightenment.

This advanced teaching is being given to help you gain clarity and guidance on how to deal with this aspect that still troubles you.

The most fulfilling way to experience all emotions is to create an energetic container for them, where you can embrace and nurture these emotions and convert them into the higher energy patterns of love and allowing.

In this powerful class on emotions, Julius will teach you ways to manage all the emotions of the human experience, and show you ways to feel and express them.

Learning how to feel the emotions in the body without acting out is masterhood in demonstration.

The meditation: This is a most effective and enjoyable process to feel your emotions safely. It is a process that will help you move quickly from destructive reaction to calm, joyful creation.

Julius takes you to masterhood:

  • The connection between survival instincts and emotions.
  • How emotions contribute to our conscious journey.
  • The powerful analogy of a steam engine.
  • About the emotions that we do not access.
  • About your experience of the response of the Universe.
  • About the use of stimulants.
  • Practical guidance on how to reactivate and process emotions.
  • The truth about enlightened masters and their emotions.
  • About emotions and a high consciousness state.
  • When does fear fall away on your conscious journey?
  • An extremely effective application – the treasure chest on the table.
  • Learn all about the safe energetic container.

And so much more valuable information:

  • Julius defines knowledge, wisdom, discernment, understanding and belief.
  • More valuable guidance on anger.
  • About reaction and response.
  • Advice on hate and love.
  • About emotions connected to other lifetimes.
  • The impact of betrayal.
  • Are there age-appropriate emotions?
  • How to release entity attachment and be empowered.
  • Clarity on Bridge Consciousness and judgment.
  • Very helpful suggestions for empaths.
  • A way to decipher emotions.
  • Powerful, inspirational guidance on how to remember how powerful you are.
  • Play the energy game and see its fascinating effects.
  • How to know that you are suppressing emotions.
  • How do you deal with the fear of losing people?

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