This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Julius provides suggestions to assist you to align with your Soul by activating your emotions.
If you are not feeling everything, then you’re missing everything.

Your emotions are what makes something real, alive, true for you. If you are detached from your emotions, your life can feel flat, unreal, and you have no direction for your Spiritual path.

This is a most fascinating teaching in knowing ourselves as Source:
– The genesis of how we became misaligned from our emotions
– Clear definitions of soul and spirit
– The interaction of soul and spirit in creation/manifestation
– How we got lost touch with our huge variety of emotions
– Why we keep reincarnating
– The truth about our manifestation
– Understanding narcissism in the world
– On the way to ascension
– The role of polarity in this realm
– Understanding how important emotions are for us
– Why we put ourselves into the costume of the body
– Practices to activate variations of emotions
– The huge benefits and mastery through these practices

The Q&A gives fabulous guidance on our emotions:
– A big Aha moment about the altered ego or the subconscious mind
– Understanding the huge possibilities of emotions
– On judgment and the levels of consciousness
– How to master the energies of emotions
– Manipulating emotions in manifest changes in your physical body
– Wisdom on helping others, especially your children
– What breaks down the barriers between you and your emotions
– 3D and other dimensional experiences
– The effect of our intense emotions in other existences
– Guidance on interacting with people who lack compassion
– Why we get emotional listening to Julius
– Intensity and frequency of emotions
– Inspiring concluding words from Julius

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