‘This is a deep advanced teaching’. The core of this 3-part teaching focuses on who you are being in this journey through life because that is what brings you fulfillment or dissatisfaction, blocks or quickens the manifestation process and lifts you into your magnificence or keeps you in limitation.

Learning about this significant distinction between feelings and emotions is the step towards knowing oneself.

Few are really acquainted with the powerhouse of emotions, the single most important component for enhancing or undermining our journey here on earth.  They are of far-reaching importance in the raising of consciousness and in the manifestation process.

One of the components of the human experience is learning how to manifest consciously. This is an advanced course in manifestation. Delving into your emotions leads you to mastery.

The true impactful value of this teaching is the guidance Julius gives in helping us connect with our soul and move from being a mere physical being to being a light being having a human experience.

Julius gives amazing clarity and detail about working the manifestation process.

You will get in-depth understanding of:

  • Descriptions of feelings and emotions.
  • What emotions are.
  • The involvement of the body.
  • The play of the logical mind.
  • What determines your consciousness.
  • The parallel to belief and knowing.
  • How you use feelings as tools.
  • The important role feelings and emotions play in the manifestation process.
  • About the vicious cycle in manifestation.
  • About sociopaths.
  • About greed and gratitude.
  • The root cause of dissatisfaction and boredom.
  • About detachment from the soul.
  • A simple yet effective exercise to stir your emotions.
  • Transformation from physical being to a light being.
  • A meditation before sleeping to connect with your soul.
  • The manifestation process explained in detail.
  • The most important component of the manifestation process – what is misfiring?
  • Another effective exercise to refine your awareness of your emotions.
  • What is it like for a soul new to the physical realm?
  • How memory works.
  • A powerful meditation to experience your soul.

And more interesting topics:

  • The impact of widespread fear, and the solution.
  • About the dimensions and consciousness in fear.
  • Is there higher or lower frequency in fear?
  • The play of desires and emotions.
  • A story of a Dalai Lama.
  • Explanation of the soul and spirit.
  • What the inner child is.
  • Why unrequited love.
  • What causes mental and physical illness.
  • New souls and autism.
  • How anger can be useful.
  • What to do when your child throws a fit.

Feelings are attached to the altered ego mind, the altered ego state. Your emotions are tied to your soul.” ~ Julius

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