Live workshop is February 16, 17 & 19, 2021 at 7pm MT.  Replays available immediate following live events.

This is a 3 part class with 2 teachings and one discussion.  Participants may post their questions about the teachings in the Q & A module link.

Julius will explore this fabled topic.
Does Shambala exist as a third dimension location, or is it a state of consciousness?
What about other places that humans have literally set out on excursions to find?  Are there creatures that protect the gateways on the 3rd dimension to these locations?  Can you get there, has anyone ever come back?
This discussion is intended to open your mind and assist in the creation of possibilities and truths.
Julius will cover vast theories and even a suggestion of how to get yourself energetically prepared for the experience.

In the 2 lectures, Julius opens up fascinating worlds for us to help us on our journey:
– The truth behind the legend of Shambala
– How humans visit these places
– How they change after such experiences
– The immense value of such experiences
– What prevents us from visiting these places
– What you have never been told about sacred sites
– The states in which you can access Shambala
– A most interesting insight into our 3D reality
– How many realities are there in each dimensional space?
– The realities we bounce around in every day and how much time we spend in each
– Fascinating information on the gatekeepers of different realities
– How to use this information in your manifestation
– What is real?
– Fascinating information on shapeshifting
– The amazing connection between elements and gateways
– An intriguing story about the twilight zone
– The resolution of nightmares
– Tangible applications for manifestation
– Guardians of intergalactic travel
– How crystals help us in these spaces