This was filmed at a live event in Salt Lake City. This product consists of 3 videos and 3 audios of the material.
Event was  a 3 hour live interactive event with Julius and a live sound bath afterwards with Carol & Elizabeth.
Julius gets very excited in front of a live audience and the topics often twist and turn in various areas of discussion during these events.  So the original topic of Aligning With Your Life’s Path, strayed a bit from that original path into expansive fields of new information.
Julius will share Universal “secrets” to assure you highest vibrational option for you… Julius will always empower, inform, enlighten and inspire you to know yourself as Source energy and implement it into your awareness and journey on the physical realms.
Join is for these live transformational classes and create the changes you’re looking for.

Module 1:

  • The great misfortune of humanity
  • The two key perceptions of the human experience
  • The aspects of disconnection and connection to our true self
  • The truth about Draco reptilians and our history with them
  • Understanding the singular and unified perspective
  • Source, fractals and frequency
  • Why we choose to be singular
  • Expansive thoughts on DNA
  • Two ways to find your life path or……
  • The key to get past difficulties into resolutions

Module 2:

  • The one core discipline of high consciousness
  • How AI operates
  • Practicing one thing that beautifully creates everything in your life
  • Your clue factory back to your truth
  • Higher levels of frequency for practitioners
  • The fantastic truth about fear that releases it
  • What it is to be a sixth level of consciousness being
  • Truth about the measurement of time and ancient times
  • How to let go of judgment of self from other lifetimes
  • Fabulous tips on manifestation
  • A hugely inspiring story from Brad’s life
  • The runners in your life
  • The cool thing about gifting
  • Final inspiring, loving words from Julius

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