This was filmed at a live event in Salt Lake City.
This is the replay of a live interactive event with Julius and a live sound bath afterwards. This product includes a 2 part video version of the event as well as a downloadable audio version.
Sometimes life can seems so overwhelming. Distracted and even discouraging. Humans tend to overreact in their personal and professional lives when stress and anxiety hit us.
Our minds can be a challenge to control and when life takes its toll on us we can feel alone and out of control of our lives.
Our authentic blueprint is living from our hearts, not our minds. Yet we seem to forget how to stay focused in this space with all the challenges.
Julius will guide us back to our heart spaces. Helping you to shift your awareness and energy to assist you to master life’s most difficult times.
You are the creator of your realities and yet we tend to lose sight of this truth.
This lecture and teaching will support your knowing; teach you how to use your heart space energy to heal and expand you.
You will also enjoy a most remarkable sound bath to provide, calm, activation, and stabilization of frequencies.

Module 1:

  • A broader view of this lifetime and what we hope to accomplish
  • Why we are not living a genuinely heart-based life – inversions
  • The sheer power of who you are
  • The massive difference between compassion and sympathy
  • Insights into the ongoing war over the earth
  • A stunning process by Julius to help you experience your highest vibration
  • Weightlessness and right angles – into gateways, dimensions etc.
  • Fascinating insights into fear and love vibrations
  • The one wrinkle in your life that creates the chaos
  • The qualities of the state of being of love as opposed to those of fear
  • How we can break through the programming
  • Understanding real love instead of false teachings of love
  • A most interesting practice of frequency for couples
  • How to powerfully heal something in your body

Module 2:

  • The difference between energy siphons and energy vampires
  • The strange thing that happens with other people when you raise your frequency
  • The corridor to the Void, gateways, placing yourself in the optimal position
  • The standard application for manifestation
  • Why you don’t manifest what you desire
  • The problem with panic manifestation
  • Insights into the Void
  • Frequencies in hertz of the levels of consciousness
  • What being human means in knowing oneself
  • Breaking through the rigid angles in life
  • Getting into the powerful angle for meditation
  • An amazing practice for becoming the power that you are
  • A beautiful, frequency stabilizing sound bath in conclusion
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