This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.
In this 3 part workshop, Julius addresses the impact of human reality. The 3D reality that you created and became lost in.
Do the realities you create in dimensional spaces change us, bend us, detach us?
This subject cannot be addressed enough for us. We have lost sight of our beingness, it is not getting better right now.  This illusion is causing our students to lose some of their progression; are you one of them?
Are you drifting backwards, are you wanting to be saved?
This is a tough love, hard hitting, wake you back up class.
We love you more than you know, we will continue to invite you to progress forward, even when you fall.

In the first lecture, Julius provides high inspiration and clarity:
– The massive opportunity of this current time
– How we as a human race have been enslaved
– When we progress the most as low consciousness beings
– The most important knowing that brings the all-important peace
– The intention behind every vaccine ever taken and its impact on humans
– The different reasons why souls incarnated at this time
– Some very important questions to ask ourselves now
– How to deal with all that is happening around us
– The greatest gift we can give humanity
– A crucial practice in our drive towards further expansion
– The distractions that are against our conscious journey
– More truths about 5G
– How to arm yourself against the assault consciousness
– Important aspects of an essential, often overlooked practice
– Insights into the closed pineal gland
– Crucial daily practices for your frequency and consciousness
– What your body needs on a regular basis
– A powerful sound bath by Julius for whatever intention you set

The Q&A gave a huge influx of information and inspiration:
– More fascinating information about 5G and higher
– The various effects of sound therapy and frequencies
– Guidance on authentic business decisions
– All that supports and boosts hormonal flow
– Natural substances to counteract virus shedding
– The energy frequency prevailing on earth and measures to help you
– The beneficial changes coming for our conscious journey
– How to be a loving demonstration to others
– How to navigate around other people’s requirements on you
– The role of lightworkers in the shifting of old paradigms of being victims
– Guidance to those taking chemotherapy
– Practices to decalcify the pineal gland
– How to counteract control

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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