This powerful teaching deals with one of the most common and greatest obstacles on our conscious journey. By gaining this understanding and guidance, you are going to be able to realign yourself and move forward with greater momentum and joy.

This teaching is also of immense value for all of us because we live in a world of unceasing turmoil and times when events and situations threaten to overwhelm us and knock us off our center. This is the wisdom to always fall back on at such times.

Our Conscious journey promises such incredible results and happiness in life.  We humans often come to it because nothing else has worked to heal, empower, create and elevate us.

Learn how to ignite the creative passions of appreciation, joy, elevation and knowing through the journey itself. Have the life you are looking for right now.

Julius will provide their extensive insight on the joyous journey of Spirituality and in the acceptance of the journey we find the success we have been pushing away from us.

Allow the deepening of your understanding of self, the healing of wounds and empowerment of self.

The journey in joy begins:

  •  The best perspective in times of distraction, in the midst of disaster, of fear.
  • What is the process of consciousness?
  • Detailed guidance on enjoying the process in challenging times.
  • The attitude of gratitude.
  • What the soul understands about coming to a physical realm.
  • What is the measure of your conscious work?
  • Playing the game in conscious awareness.
  • The importance of perspectives – an amazing insight into why some catastrophes happen.
  • The big difference between religious and spiritual journeys.
  • The beautiful analogy of the sprout for moving out of victimhood.
  • The subtler aspects of victimhood.

Some invaluable guidance: