This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 discussion.

Julius addresses in detail the secrets and higher truths of loving relationships versus fear based relationships.
Humans mostly do fear and need in their relationships. Programmed in us long ago is the inability to fully create love based relationships.
Do you want to shift the relationships in your life to ones full of love instead of fear.
Do you want to attract loving relationships instead of demanding  and controlling relationships?…
Do you have a desire to resolve judgement issues with yourself, and would like a clear approach to change that? If you would, get ready to create change in this area for yourself.
Julius gives an expansive discourse with many Aha moments:
  • The significance of the relationship with self
  • A very fascinating insight into Julius’ incarnated life related to one aspect
  • 10 crucial aspects of toxic relationships
  • Can one be healthy and the other toxic in a relationship?
  • The basic underlying energy of toxic relationships
  • Reflecting on the aforementioned 10 aspects for yourself
  • 10 beautiful aspects of healthy relationships
  • The keystone of loving relationships
  • The amazing exercise of relating these healthy aspects to yourself
  • The keystone of loving relationships
  • Two important factors in today’s world that impacts relationships
  • The 3 levels of shifting toxic relationships into healthy ones
  • How long to continue in level one?
  • A note of caution in level 2
  • The different depths of relationships
  • Difference between friendship and partnership
  • Can toxic relationships be shifted into healthy relationships?

The Q&A takes this fantastic topic to new heights:

  • The truth about lying in relationships
  • The common experience of disloyalty in friendships and relationships
  • More on dishonor and honor in the same relationship
  • Understanding oneness and toxicity in relationships
  • Insights into co-dependency
  • A huge Aha moment over co-dependency towards self
  • The truth about marriage and its future
  • Love and romance at the sixth level of consciousness
  • What constitutes a form of abuse in a relationship
  • Guidance on estranged relationships between parents and children
  • Guiding children on relationships and marriage when you are divorced
  • Is pinealine and orgasm interrelated?

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