This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Masters, we are on the brink of humanity being shaken awake. We have already seen much of this information finding its way out to some. For others. there will be a shock factor that could really affect the energy of humanity.
Can you assist them?
What should you be aware of?
How do you prepare?
We will discuss the 5 stages of shock awareness and how to respond.
This class is for everyone seeking to assist humanity. Seeking to assist loved ones.
Seeking to perhaps even understand themselves more deeply.
Julius gives deep insights and guidance on this important topic of this time:
  • What is causing divisions among people these days
  • The 5 stages of waking up explained in detail
  • Beautiful, loving guidance on how to deal with each one with love and grace
  • The many ways in which the altered ego will play up in you
  • The qualities you practice in this situation
  • One very important role the unawakened play in this incarnation
  • When does the brain start accepting a theory?

Most interesting information on various related topics in the Q&A:

  • Most interesting information about love-based and fear-based forces on earth
  • The vast truth about ‘coincidence’
  • Do you start your conscious journey all over again each time you incarnate?
  • Being locked into the reincarnation process and how to break out of it
  • The play of judgment in the 5 stages
  • Has there been mass awakening in other times?
  • How old the earth is
  • The 5th stage explained in more detail
  • The astonishing way things align that we are unaware of
  • Ascended beings on and in the earth at this time
  • Concluding words from Julius on the very crucial topic of wellness

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