Deciphering Limitations in Truths
This intense 3 part class dives into different theories such as Flat Earth theory, 3rd Dimension Domination theories, ET’s and their roles with Humanity, and more.
How do we find our expanded truths in these ideas?
So many things unfolding and we must learn how to find our balance of acceptable truths in what we see and hear.
Julius helps nurture you into your wisdom and how to allow the space of possibility to be recognized and known.

In the two modules, Julius gives us the keys to expansive truths:
– The ultimate truth about truth
– The factors involved in the thoughts we receive and accept
– Understanding the phenomena of telling lies
– The first and foremost sphere of judgment
– How to respond to limited truths or what you do not resonate with
– Deciphering what thoughts are high or low vibration
– Perspectives on the flat earth theory
– The narrative about off-planet beings
– Why the web of fear-based entertainment
– A major limited truth on earth- The financial segregation of the world
– One major truth/promise that keeps humanity imprisoned
– The twisted and widely accepted concept of God
– The limited and expanded truths of this third-dimensional existence
– How each of us limit our experiences and existence
– Understanding verbal projections of information versus actions related to it
– Guidance on the vital issue of vaccinations
– The expanded truth about the second coming of enlightened saviours
– Information on the financial reset
– Will changes in the world automatically raise our consciousness?
– The assistance being given by off-planet beings
– The sheer importance of deciphering truth for our future – individual and collective
– Deciphering versus judgment of thought
– The qualities of your conscious journey

This fabulous Q&A will continue to inspire you long after you have heard it:
– How to gain wisdom from limited truths
– Further insight into ET abductions
– The origin and perspectives of thought
– Who will save us?
– Why we do not question or speak our truth
– First dimensional experience
– How to deal with harsher truths of these times
– Looking deep into enslavement programs humanity has been living under
– The effects of radiation and EMFs on our consciousness
– Information on who created the infamous network of tunnels
– Insights from other lifetimes in dreams
– Converting limited thoughts into high frequency through real-life examples
– More understanding on low-frequency beings that controlled this world
– The unbelievable truth about all fast-food joints
– What we can know of dimensional beings
– Education as it may be in future
– Amazing and beautiful possibilities in store for us
– How high-consciousness beings can contribute to this shift on earth

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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