This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Do you have regrets in this life?
Is there a way to go back and change them?  What will it take to release those energies of regret?
Julius will help us to understand the energy around regret and shift that energy so you no longer carry it.
Low frequency energies affect our journey.  Taking this workshop will help you to resolve and clean lingering regret energies in your field.
In the first module, Julius gives deep understanding about the energy of regret and how to resolve it:
  • What is a regret?
  • The ramifications of having regret within us
  • The other emotional states that accompany regret
  • What it does to the conscious journey and specifically, in reincarnation
  • Deeper insights into the unknown blocks caused by regrets
  • The biggest block created by regret
  • How to repair regrets
  • What constitutes real change on the conscious journey?
  • The huge difference between belief and knowing
  • A clear example from a student’s life
  • How to handle people reminding you of what you ‘should’ regret

In the Q&A, Julius goes into more fascinating intricacies of letting go of regrets:

  • When we have moved past the experience of regret
  • Most interesting insights into being in a comfort zone
  • The frequency of regret
  • What compounds regret
  • Deeper understanding of the observer effect and detachment
  • Can regret carry over to other lifetimes?
  • Programmed thoughts about regret and remorse
  • What unleashes compassion in the human experience
  • Subconscious regrets that you are not aware of
  • How to move into love-based energy when you feel regret
  • Regret and the next lifetime
  • Religious programming in regret and the coming times

Foundation Workshops: