The four stages:

  1. Emotional rock bottom.
  2. Becoming aware
  3. The hermit
  4. The rebirth

Julius explains the four stages and assists you in determining where you are and what to look for while moving forward on your journey.

Module 1:

  • How Kasey, Brad and Julius came together in this lifetime
  • A brief yet deep insight into what is taking place on earth right now
  • A most significant, generally unknown insight into the process of manifestation
  • A clear and detailed description of the 4 stages
  • Why we do the earth experience
  • What holds us all back on our conscious journey
  • How the ego and the altered ego came to be
  • The shorter, smoother way to expansion

Module 2:

  • The purpose of being on earth
  • What is real and what is not
  • Detailed description of symptoms of the 4th stage
  • How to suspend time, especially in healing
  • Adapting realities – yours and another’s
  • The significant difference between sympathy and compassion
  • Deeper insights into the parent-child relationship
  • Highly inspirational words by Julius in conclusion

Foundation Workshops: