A three part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.  

Are you focusing on change and wanting new things in your life?
A new job, a new relationship, a new place to live??? 
More money, more health, more love????
You may be bypassing all your opportunities … How? Come and find out.
This masterful wisdom will enlighten and empower you to move thru your existence with passion, excitement and fulfillment.
Come join this discussion and break the ties that bind you in life. Find your courage and your intuition.
We will learn to recognize and trust the powers within…
Julius gives fresh, deep and inspirational insights into this highly important topic:
  • The massive energy difference between new beginnings and change
  • The indisputable truth about change
  • The main factor that creates new beginnings
  • What’s behind repetitive experiences
  • What it takes to make new beginnings
  • How to begin the process for new beginnings
  • A detailed plan for you
  • A personal example from Brad’s life
  • What new beginnings mean to your life
  • The first crucial phase of the plan
  • More specific guidance on how to shift areas of your life
  • Self-reflection explained in Julius’ unique way
  • A couple of things not to do for new beginnings
  • An important list of things that contributes to the energy in your life
  • When healthy becomes unhealthy
  • An invaluable and crucial insight into civilizations and their technology

The Q&A gives many more insights and guidance:

  • Do changes lead to new beginnings?
  • How your body experiences change and new beginnings
  • The most important truth about where you are on your conscious journey
  • Guidance on how to deal with self-judgment when creating new beginnings
  • Removing reptilian implants
  • How to remove the fear of who you are going to become
  • Deep insights into awareness
  • Students share their Inspiring stories about new beginnings
  • Resurrection and timelines