This is a 2 part class with one teaching and one discussion.

This process is vital, necessary, and challenging.
First you must know who you are; that can be something ultimately you don’t want to do.
Most of us have been punished for speaking our truth.  Not only in this life, but in so many others.
Speaking your truth is bravest thing you can do; the finesse level is at master grade, and the delivery of your truth with love is a tight wire you must cross.
In the lecture, Julius gives us clear and profound guidelines on this important aspect of our being:

– What is the actual practice of speaking your truth?
– The indispensable foundation for speaking your truth
– A clear explanation of truth and how it is unknowingly distorted
– What we sign up for on our conscious journey
– When you speak your truth and when you do not
– What the energy of fraud invites into your life
– An amazing, fascinating way the Universe helps you on your conscious journey
– A very clear insight into when we are not expanding consciousness
– Important points on delivering your truth with love
– How to deal with differing points of view
– The energy of brainwashing/programming
– The signs that you are moving on your conscious journey
– How people recognize the change in you
– What love is and is not – important deciphering
– Guidelines for when you grow and expand in your consciousness

In their simple, profound way, Julius provides further guidance on this important topic:

– How to decipher between programming and enlightened teachings
– The highest vibrational declaration of truth
– Some instances of the effect on our body through stifling our truth
– What causes spiritual arrogance within us
– Are there times when silence is the best response?
– How to know your truth
– The truth of your soul or altered ego
– Where the fear of being exploited and used comes from
– Resolving the issue of not being heard
– First steps when in anger, frustration or fear
– How to get clarity on not speaking truth to ourselves
– Dealing with not speaking your truth in a country that doesn’t allow free expression
– How the brain gets impacted by non-expression of truth

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