As the title of this class implies, most of us have not experienced a childhood as children are wont to because of the nature of our world.

We, as children, are caught up in the whirlwind of expectations – we must do this, that or the other to fit into society and take our place in the world.

And sometimes for some of us, traumatic events, illness or the loss of loved ones force us to grow up way too soon.

All this affects our consciousness and energy from an early age and continues to subconsciously affect us till we become aware and release these binding effects.

This important 2-part teaching helps you with the resolution of childhood traumas and the release of embedded expectations of yourself.

It is yet another significant component in impeding or facilitating the manifestation process.

Learn more about this hidden influence on our lives:

  • Julius’ definition, and deeper explanation of male and female energy.
  • How to clear the imprints of the past.
  • Guidelines for bringing up children.
  • How misalignment with the moment of Now starts.
  • About the start of the effects of time.
  • About Bi-polar disorder, multiple personality disorders, OCD.
  • About Indecisiveness.
  • Clear guidance on how to resolve issues such as the above.

With more helpful information:

  • What actually leads to a healthy self-image.
  • What starts being the embedded when you are born.
  • About the collaboration of souls in experiences.
  • Why and when do miracles occur.
  • An explanation of the important aspect of knowing.
  • Pets, their personalities and your responsibility towards them.
  • About the past and clearing it.
  • How you align with your soul.
  • An illustrative analogy of the showerhead.
  • What is karma?

And then, of course, you never achieve everything, never, because you come from the vantage point that you have to do more and so you never achieve enough, ever.” ~ Julius

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