This is a 2 part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Most everyone has Inner Child wounds from this life. It comes from being parented by wounded children who never healed themselves before they raised you.
In this powerful workshop, Julius shows us how these limited emotional blocks and programs get passed down and what we can do to shift and heal them.
We must re-parent ourselves, but how?
This workshop provides strong usable actions and suggestions for all of us to expand beyond our childhood wounds.
Who needs this class?

With immense clarity, Julius explains this vital area of healing oneself:

  •  The percentage of human race with inner child wounds
  • One of the largest, unidentifiable inner child wounds
  • The by-products of this inner wound in your life
  • Julius’ take on parenting
  • Vital actions to create inner healing
  • How you get stuck in the lower levels of consciousness because of these wounds
  • What control in somebody signifies
  • The key element in this beneficial change
  • Important, useful practices and behaviors for transformation
  • One of the biggest components of anger

Julius responds to valuable inputs and questions in this Q&A:

  • Further insights into parent-child interactions
  • Seeing wounds in family members and what to do
  • Understanding the need for approval
  • How systems in the world aggravate this issue
  • The art of boundary setting
  • How to ensure that people hear you
  • A fabulous practice suggested by a practitioner to heal wounds
  • Does medication help?
  • The damaging ongoing generational cycle that continues in the human race
  • A real-life example of a participant and Julius’ guidance
  • The difference in frequencies with others on a conscious journey
  • Julius on both sides of abuse
  • Concluding words by Julius on this issue
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