This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 discussion.
In this 3 part workshop, Julius will dive deep into the human mind and how Consciousness works in the human experience.
Are we programmed?
Are Spiritual leaders programmed?
Are religions simply programming?
How do we find our way?

In the first two modules, Julius gives us deep truths about this crucial topic:

  • The definition of programming
  • The difference between a dimension and a realm
  • The level of saturation in programming in various age groups
  • The determining aspects of programming
  • How to know that you are programmed
  • The fabulous analogy of grains of sand for the experience of an average human being
  • Innerstanding the depths and expanses of spirituality
  • What it takes to master something here on earth
  • How practitioners can help people with programming
  • Explaining the deep nature of spirituality
  • The truth about devices measuring frequency
  • How to navigate your way through programs
  • The higher vantage point of planets, astrology, numerology etc.
  • What breaks the matrix for us

The Q&A has some of the most inspiring wisdom from Julius:

  • The qualities of a master teacher
  • Does a 5th level of consciousness being spend time with other lower-consciousness beings?
  • What is tough and challenging for humans
  • What it means to be Source
  • Why a veil of amnesia was created and what happened over time
  • How to powerfully help newly awakened people around you
  • The difference between a fragment and a fractal
  • Why off-planet help was not given earlier
  • How to help others who are not awakened
  • A powerful practice to feed courage
  • Beautiful guidance from Julius for these times

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