This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

This is an advanced discussion on our reality within the 3rd dimensional matrix and more.
What is the Matrix?
What energy frequency is there?
Are there different frequencies within a Matrix?
How does the Universal energies work within each Matrix?
What shifts need to take place and why?…
So many questions will be addressed and answered within this workshop.

Offering some of the most exciting insights into our world, this teaching is a massive game-changer:
– What a matrix is
– The truth about illusion and reality
– What creates an experience for all beings
– A fabulous analogy to describe a matrix
– The biggest determining factor of your manifestation and your reality
– Insights into a dominant field reality
– What universal algorithms do to your world
– How to create and change your reality
– What many of you have come to do at this time
– What happens to the matrix when there is a broader, higher universal algorithm
– The major drawback of low consciousness in this context
– How the shifting of a key perspective can beneficially alter this existence
– Understanding the programming that keeps the matrix of limitation in place
– The truth about conspiracy theories
– What an algorithm is
– The major factor that prevents humans from changing their programs
– The truth about moving into the 5th dimension
– Why this is such an exciting time
– What we are designed for
– Know more about plant medicine and consciousness
– Deep insights into the matrices that exist
– How to ramp up your manifestation in a new turbocharged way
– The universal algorithm of our matrix
– High guidance to bring about beneficial changes for mankind

This stunning Q&A takes this deep topic to a whole new level:
– How other beings contribute to this 3D algorithm
– Understanding 5D experience and fifth level of consciousness
– Can 3D gravity be changed through algorithms?
– An interesting insight into casino energies
– How can we assist and contribute to a love-based shift?
– An inspiring example of a student
– The relation between the matrix, spirit, energy frequency bands
– How low consciousness beings have controlled this planet
– When and how we sabotage our movement in consciousness
– Understanding more about the universal matrix
– More creative ways to help shift the universal algorithms
– How matrices of physical planets affect universes, galaxies etc.
– The exciting possibilities of this time
– Interesting insights into shape-shifting
– Feeling the power of love
– How dimensional beings contribute to the matrix

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