This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 discussion.

In this 3 part workshop we will open up the topic of energetic Matrix realities and timelines within the Matrix.
How are they created, regulated, shifted….?
How many are there?
Are they related to the global Matrix. or your own personal Matrix?
This mind bending discussion will stimulate your imagination, possibilities, and pathways.
Come join us for this new thought possibility topic for your conscious journey.

In the first two modules, Julius unleashes deeply empowering information:
– Fascinating information on the matrices and coding of the earth dimensions
– The three primary timelines on this earth
– The timeline most human beings live in and its consequences
– The amazing variations in the timelines
– What changes time
– Understanding timelines and the manifestation process
– Timelines within your personal space
– Using the example of these times to illustrate this teaching
– The role of family and friends in time
– The most and least activated timelines in this matrix right now
– Is it the same for children?
– The most powerful, magical timeline there is
– What brings you into this timeline
– What stops people from being in this timeline
– The obstacles that come in the way of creating your future
– How to change your life into the life of your dreams

The Q&A reaches stunning heights:
– Deeper understanding of timelines
– The magnitude of who you are in timelines
– Your frequency when you leave your body
– Non-primary timeline perspectives
– The action of love and fear
– What you can do to remain in the magical timeline
– How to design a timeline experience
– More on binary codes and time travel
– One of the fascinating ways humanity gets more advanced technology
– Do timelines implode?
– The colors of the primary timelines