This is a two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.
This 2 part workshop discusses the power of the thought energy fields within the human body. Julius also addresses how energies are connected with other bodies of energy.
We tap into topics that include DNA, Genetics and your light body.

In the lecture, Julius gives you a compelling inside view of all that goes on within your body:
– Understanding algorithms and their play in us
– The impact of algorithms on the body and the conscious journey
– A major drawback in humans that prevents beneficial changes
– A deeply ingrained program in all human beings
– The connection between the algorithms and the DNA strands
– The one emotion that the altered ego throws you back into
– Where this emotion causes disease in the body
– Information about the body’s layers of energy
– What changes, suspends and stops the algorithms in your body
– A significant factor for doing this
– The experience of a sixth level of consciousness being in this context
– The 3 things that reactivate old algorithms
– What it may take in your daily life to change your algorithms

The Q&A brings greater clarity and depth to this topic:
– The massive framework of smallmindedness and guilt on this planet
– Fascinating insights into DNA, morphology of body, shapeshifting
– The intertwining of fear-based emotions, the connection to DNA and genetic codes
– Colors of the matrix, DNA and chakras
– Experiences in different levels of consciousness
– More fascinating information about reptilians
– Insights into subliminal messages
– The way we were with extra-terrestrials in the past
– The algorithms of the earth and us

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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