The world is continuously changing and its never been more noticeable than right now.

You can go along as always, just getting by and doing what needs to be done to “survive the times” in the rapids until the next smooth flowing area, continuing this back and forth, being the victim of the river of time…  Or you can create your own flow and thrive.

How do you maneuver the change from raft clinger to Captain of your ship?  Julius will assist you in seeing where you are; and how to navigate yourself to where you’d like to be.

This virtual retreat consists of 6 modules plus two live activations and two live question and answer sessions.  The modules are available in video, downloadable audio and transcript format for the most impactful learning and progression.

The live sessions will have 3 options for participation:  video, phone and webcast.  Downloadable audio will be supplied for each of these sessions after the live event.

Here are the titles of the modules:

Introductory Module

What this program is all about, how to progress thru the package and how to apply it.

Module 1 ~ Recognizing The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving

This module will help set the baseline of recognition for yourself so you can begin to shift into new energies and intentions. It will also address how you may have gotten programmed in fear when faced with change.

Module 2 ~ Organizing Your Thoughts and Routines for an Intentional Shift

This module will help to create functional disciplines for your creative thought process. It will help to move your creative energies into performance and strategies for your change.

Module 3 ~ Calming Your Altered Ego

This module will help to get you into practices to stay aligned with your creative Soul.
Everyone tends to engage the altered ego when they are navigating new creative territory. Here we will address those common areas and how to steer away from them.

Module 4 ~ Not Looking Back

This module deals with bolstering your forward momentum. We have a tendency to always look back. It immediately stops your advancement.
Julius will help provide insight and suggested disciplines to shift this action for you.

Module 5 ~ Preparing Your Mind, Body and Soul to Start Thinking Differently

We will teach you in this module how to maximize the use of the activations and create a format to succeed.

Module 6 ~ Keeping Your Field Open for Continued Change

This discussion is vital to keeping the flow open for your magnificence …. Julius will show you how there are endless options for your usage.

Testimonial from the Thriving in an Ever-Changing World Virtual Retreat:

“I wanted to reach out because today’s activation was incredible. I immediately started crying as I was repeating the invocation and opening myself up to realize, ask and receive assistance. I feel instantly lighter, brighter and extremely  refreshed. I am going to be replaying they activation everyday ??? A big thank you to you and the entire Julius family. Loving the retreat and loving that I can take my time as I thrive and flow in the energy of releasing and receiving. So much ❤️”  – S.C.

“Thank you very much for fabulous retreat. I can say this on top of my voice that this retreat is meant for me and am drawn to each of four modules like a magnet. I have no words to express my gratitude but to fold my hands and bow my head to say thank you and feel truly honored to have access to this retreat. I am totally absorbed by these modules all of them and am humbled with the energy transfer that happens just by listening or watching. Each and every module so far is self explanatory and I am left speechless but with realization about getting the opportunity to work on my altered ego.” – A.D.

“I love this retreat and I especially love the new thoughts to help us create change in our life.” – L.H.

Here are some testimonials from our other virtual retreats:

“Loved the answer to my last question- On another note…..the gains from these two retreats have been phenomenal – Thank you so much !!! I feel like I have waited my whole life for these teachings to come !!!” – Chris 

“This retreat has definitely shook up my energy which is a good thing. I have already started making numerous changes in my life with what I do, eat, speak or believe…How can I ever thank you for having this effect on me?!! I am sooo grateful!” – J. M. 

“WOW WOW WOW that activation was absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!!” 

“First of all please accept my gratitude for this wonderful retreat. I truly appreciate this fabulous initiative which I may be have been craving for as I have constantly thinking and preparing myself for taking my alter ego full on .I honestly accept you guys helped me right into my uncomfortable zone and how to move from there.” – A. D.

“Thank you so much for this in-depth retreat. It has made me so much more aware and proactive in bringing in the new. I look forward to next moment and the next even when I’m not feeling exactly joyful.” – M. S.