In this extraordinary Virtual Retreat,  Julius will assist you in activating Quantum energies thru your Circulatory system.
Our bodies are like sponges; they absorb and actualize energy.  Humans are saturated in low frequency and Julius has dedicated themselves to assisting us on raising our frequencies.
You will learn:
  • What Quantum energy is;
  • How to align with it;
  • What causes heart disease, blood clots, and nervous system problems.
You will also recieve 3 powerful activations and processes for you to transform the energies passing thru your body.
Healing is possible, high Consciousness is possible, transformation and transendation is possible.
Come with Julius and let them assist you in finally becoming the masters of your body and your reality.
What’s Included:
  • 3 Modules in Video, Downloadable Audio & Transcript Formats
  • Live Question & Answer Session
  • Activation / Sound Bath
  • Bonus Audios
Here are a few testimonials we have received:
  • Thank you for another great virtual retreat!
  • This retreat came in perfect timing.
  • what a wonderful retreat; thank you!
  • Brad/Kasey/Julius———just a tremendous ThankYou! for the provision of these wonderful virtual retreats over the past few months. ThankYou for adding such value and fun to my life. Simply awesome. ????. So grateful.
  • Thank you very much giving us yet another mesmerizing truth to connect us with what we truly are.