This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and one discussion.

This is not a typo.

What is the Filament?   What is the Matrix?   What is the Hologram?
Are you ready to have this discussion?????
Get yourself ready to have any open mind and heart to exactly what you have created beyond what you realize. Julius provides expansive insight on this subject as we are on the fold of shifting how all of this has been known and demonstrated.
Other than thought, what sits within these spectrums?
Who creates this? Are we as humans created from Aliens? How does all this tie together?…
In the first two modules, Julius takes us into the deep intricacies of our reality:
  • The 4 phases of matter
  • A beautiful description of all that is
  • A fundamental misconception of ourselves and how it came about
  • Understanding the deeper nature of experience on this physical plane
  • The true value of fear and limitation
  • How the enslavement of humanity occurred
  • What creates the hologram, matrix and 3D reality
  • Clearing misconceptions of other dimensional realities of earth such as 5D
  • The nature of control in this world
  • How our manipulated reality convinced us that we were human
  • An interesting analogy to describe the filament
  • A major factor in the way the filament is today
  • The original design of experience on earth and how we moved away from it
  • The extent to which the filament has been manipulated
  • The illuminating truth about veils between timelines
  • Surprising programming about truth
  • The solution or the way out of the matrix
  • One major area that is not the solution

Dive deeper into this fascinating subject in the Q&A:

  • What exists in these spectrums other than thought
  • The connection between ghosts and the filament
  • Realities experienced by aliens
  • A closer look at cognitive dissonance
  • The experience of love, joy and struggle in our lives
  • What blocks our progress from lifetime to lifetime
  • What lies beyond the filament
  • Clear insight into programming in the childhood
  • Understanding formation of matter and form
  • The observer effect of the physical
  • What is the truth in a world of lies?
  • When you move out of fear-based energy created by the Cabal
  • Harmony and conflicting energies in a home
  • Filament in the in all dimensions of the earth

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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