This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and a discussion.

Have you noticed more activity within your reality field that you can’t explain?
Do you see beings, shadows, lights?…. Is it feeling like an earthquake, yet the ground isn’t moving?…
What is happening in the Matrix?  Is the Hologram changing?…Where do you fit in all of this?….And what is happening with time for you?
Right now there is incredible energy shifting; dimensions are open and portals are shifting.
We address these things in the three part class as well as help you get a grip within your reality field.

In the two lectures, Julius gives fascinating information to help us through incredible experiences of this time:

– The many ways in which these energies may be impacting you
– How this information helps you move forward
– The difference this makes in people on a conscious journey or not
– Who or what is opening these doors?
– What are other beings doing at this time?
– What is different from earlier times
– Can you get lost in other dimensions?
– How you recognize you are in a different reality
– More on vortices at this time
– True-life examples of what people are going through
– Another indication that doorways are opening
– The fascinating aspect of triple or consecutive numbers
– One of the biggest misunderstandings of these experiences
– What happens to you here if you slide through a door there
– What disrupts or helps your vibration
– These childhood experiences explained
– What time is actually
– Time zones and timelines related to these realities
– Clarity to glitches you may have experienced
– How you can control your experiences
– What changes the vibration of your body
– What you can do when doors open for you
– What to do if you are having dark, scary experiences

In the Q&A, Julius goes deeper into the amazing phenomena of sliding doors:

– Deep insights into gravity
– How we recognize our loved ones in other timelines
– Shifting between timelines of this existence
– Experiences during these times
– Creating a vortex in your body
– Real-life example of alignment and shifting of time
– Fascinating information on the deconstruction of the global internet
– Hertz ranges of different dimensions
– How to avoid scary encounters
– More on dimensions and realms
– When doorways open up

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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