This is a 3 part workshop with 2 teachings and 1 discussion.

In this paramount discussion on Trauma. Julius will provide information that most humans don’t look at in realizing the Trauma in our lives.
What is the “Energy” of Trauma?
Where does this energy come from ???
Is this energy something that attaches itself to us, or do we attach to it ????
How are we defined by Trauma ?????
Has it become an excuse ???
Can it be created artificially ????
What do we do about it
Are you brave enough to tackle this subject ????
Julius knows you are !!!!!!
In the first two modules, Julius unfolds the complexities of trauma and its resolutions:
  • The energy signature behind trauma
  • How trauma influences you in your life
  • Recognition of trauma through blind spots
  • The deep truth about being a participant in a trauma event
  • Can trauma be embedded in your energy field without you knowing about it?
  • Most interesting insights into addiction
  • A strong indicative factor that goes hand in hand with trauma
  • A huge contributory factor to your trauma
  • The role of manipulative relationships
  • Behaviors that show you have trauma
  • Your soul and emotions in all of this
  • A severe by-product of trauma
  • Your life when trauma is in your energy
  • Effects of trauma on your conscious journey
  • Another major limitation caused by trauma
  • Other important signs that you are traumatized
  • A deep healing, very effective 108-day program to release trauma
  • What you can expect in this 108-day period

The Q&A gives deeper and more expansive information on this vast topic:

  • Frequency of soldiers on rescue missions
  • Our consumption of fear through ears and eyes
  • What places trauma into your energy field
  • The resistance that comes when letting go
  • Guidance on how to change fear-based behavior
  • Can you step out of trauma as you are experiencing it?
  • The correlation between depression and trauma
  • The relationship between narcissism and trauma
  • Drama in families and relationships
  • The biggest step in releasing trauma
  • Other factors involved in true healing of trauma