Two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

Do you realize what you think and feel you manifest?  Do you know the power of the Now energy? …if you did you would be so mindful of what thoughts you place in your now.

Julius will address this powerful topic to keep you smoothly on your course of creativity instead of misery and trauma.

Come with us for another powerful discussion that will provide so many Ah ha moments for your awareness journey.

Julius gives an electrifying teaching on this crucial topic:

  • The vast energy of the Now explained
  • The many reasons why we do not remain in the Now
  • A most powerful truth of manifestation
  • The unique energy to use for manifestation
  • The backup you can use if you are misaligned
  • Some more fine-tuning of the manifestation process
  • How to detach from distraction
  • A huge Aha moment about trauma
  • The rewards you receive through acute awareness
  • The things to put into your Now
  • A real-life example of distraction
  • The connection between the levels of consciousness, the Now and manifestation
  • What is practicing spirituality
  • The gift of distraction

Julius gives more fabulous guidance in the Q&A:

  • Are matrices bad?
  • More on ‘sloppy’ manifestation
  • How to communicate clearly and lovingly with others, beyond language
  • High-frequency perspective and guidance for when loved ones have a chronic condition
  • Know the art of detachment in distractions
  • How to decrease the lag time in manifestation
  • How to know you’re in the Now
  • The soul and the altered ego response to chaos

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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