This product is a video and audio version from a live workshop.

In this 2 day workshop, JULIUS addresses ways that we carry trauma both physically, mentally and energetically in our lineage.
Why this occurs, how to recognize and resolve this choice.
Is it a choice?
How do you disconnect and heal this thread?
Shifting can seem arduous, and even seem impossible, but Julius helps unleash your abilities.
This is a most powerful experience to help move you beyond such intense limitations and blocks.
If you have trauma, or know someone who does, this will help you align with your healing and understandings.
The teachings of Julius are known worldwide and have created empowerment for students everywhere.
Please read more about who Julius is, and about Kasey Wallis, who transchannels Julius to the audience here…

Major points in each module:

Module 1:
– The story of Kasey, Brad and Julius
– The movement of love and fear
– The all-important creative process explained
– Julius’ definition of trauma and the major factor that causes it
– Ground-breaking information about generational trauma
– The differing reactions of men and women to trauma
– When you start seeing your other lifetimes
Module 2:
– Making a declaration about your ‘dreams’ at night
– The connections of the body, the altered ego and the soul
– How to gain self-worth
– Mind-opening information about your DNA
– Deeper understanding about generational trauma
– How did the global elite come into being?
– The wonderful news about gene coding
– The other aspect of ‘shedding’ you don’t know about
– The best way to know yourself as powerful and strong
– Our authentic program
– The use of numbers on the third dimension

Module 3:
– How to work from moments of Now for prevention and healing of trauma
– 2 simple, powerful processes to start the workshop
– Our first experiences on earth
– Where trauma is held in women and men
– A clear description of the Now
– The altered ego and its perception
– What unhealed trauma does to you
– The clear difference between leaders and rulers
– The ancient story of the birth of the devil and God
– 2 analogies of the Now/Void
– A beautiful, magical activation to release all trauma from this life and others
– All the cool things that exist in the Now
– How you can manifest quickly
– Healing your body with insightful information

Module 4:
– Self-awareness about masculine and feminine energies
– The difference between soul and spirit
– What spirituality is
– Artificial intelligence, soul extraction in the current situation
– An amazing brain activation
– A deep, profound Quaraxian activation to clear and release trauma, with participation of other light languages

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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