This is a 3 part class with 2 teachings and a discussion.

This 3 part masterclass series dives deep into the subject of the power of NOW; how to utilize that energy to its fullest potential.  This class deals with the biggest block humans have, which is letting go of previous and holding a Spiritual energy in the present.
Can we remove negative historical memories and create authentic presence while being a physical being?
What is the importance of this energetic state?
How do some seem to be able to master this action while others seem to be so bound in their traumas?
Julius assists you in understanding this process and guides you to a better knowing of who you are, and what you’re capable of.
This is an advanced master course. It is designed to accelerate your intricate processes of Consciousness.  We recommend you have a previous knowing of the 7 levels of Consciousness for full benefit of this course series.

In the first two modules, Julius guides us out of this huge obstacle of the past impacting the present:

– Why we have remained in our limited beliefs for so long
– What causes huge interference in knowing who we are
– Amazing insights into our subconscious mind
– Why we created amnesia for ourselves with regard to previous lives
– Why we keep repeating issues from lifetime to lifetime
– What it is like to live without history
– A very important glitch that which keeps us limited
– The hallmark of a high consciousness state
– The mindful way to gain from insights into your other lifetimes
– The absolute key to removing the past from your moments
– A big Aha moment about hesitation
– The two-fold system for changing your life and knowing all that you are
– A wonderful analogy to illustrate how life opens up for us
– How the body helps us in this endeavor
– It’s not the ‘what’ that changes, it’s the ‘way’ that is to change
– How manifestation speeds up
– Practical ways in daily life that remove the past
– An amazing practice to activate a key component of mastery
– The truth about being reactive
– The supreme practice to overcome this huge obstacle of the subconscious
– A very interesting insight into the levels of consciousness
– The game of staying centered amidst distraction

The Q&A had deeper levels of information and guidance:

  • The break-up of the types of thoughts we have every day
  • What deepens or lessens the impact of imprints from other lives
  • A huge truth about our experiences that is contrary to what is known
  • The mind-blowing multiplicity of ourselves
  • Value of the past or living in the Now
  • Julius’ perspective on working with ancestors and ancestral patterns
  • Understanding the limitation of words
  • Clarity on repetition in daily life
  • An easy yet exciting practice for expansiveness
  • Various levels of living a high vibration life
  • Astonishing insight into pain
  • The value of intuitive and physical sensations
  • High guidance on trauma
  • Profound information on the true nature of time

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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