The Space In Between Thought

Three-Part Course

In this extraordinary teaching, Julius opens your mind even further to help you access a plane of existence so deep and so intriguing that you will love to use this information in your daily life and lift it to the high levels it can reach.
Is there a space in between all that you Are?
If we are all thought, rolling into itself in a never ending nothingness, then is there any space in between?  What is it like…who are we there, and what are we doing?
Yet another profound conversation with Julius that expands your knowing of self in existences unknown and unexplored till now.

This fascinating subject has many aspects and levels:

  • Advanced knowledge about thought.
  • When you go and don’t go into the space between thoughts.
  • Why the space in between thought is so important.
  • How the altered ego interferes with the natural process of manifestation.
  • An amazing description of the space in between thought.
  • Expansion of this topic into the moment of Now.
  • What makes a genius, seer, mystic.
  • Most interesting information about near-death experiences.
  • The truth about attention deficit disorder.
  • Insight into self-sabotaging behaviour.
  • The last-ditch attempt of the altered ego.
  • What makes the perfect human being.
  • The immense value of the space between thought.
  • What actively prevents you from accessing this space.
  • The incredible things that start to happen when you are in the space.
  • What exists in the space between thought.
  • How the altered ego prevents resolution.
  • How to get into the space in between thought and use it in your life.

These incredible truths are taken to the next level in the Q&A:

  • New thought in the space and new thought in between thought.
  • What overthinking is.
  • Getting the soul into the driver’s seat.
  • Accessing dimensions and time lines in the space.
  • On being the soul and God.
  • Insights into ADD and ADHD.
  • How to move past what other people think of us.
  • More fascinating information on the launching of thought.
  • Guiding children further about this space.
  • The dimensions in processing thought.
  • Intriguing information on the color of the Void.
  • Guidance comes in this form first.
  • The emotion of love explained.

Foundation Workshops: