This is a 3 part class with two teachings and one discussion. 
Are You Processing Thought Backwards?
This extraordinary teaching gives you unprecedented information and guidance to step powerfully into the light being experience. Be ready for all the shifts that begin to occur within you!!
What if the human experience is completely opposite of the light being experience?
In more ways than you can imagine…
The very thought process may limit you and errode you…this discussion will enlighten you, refresh you, expand you.  And assist you in your desire to know yourself once again as light.

The first two modules will electrify you with huge Aha moments:

  • The common human way of manifesting
  • A clear description of awareness
  • The many facets of thought explained
  • A deeper understanding of the creative process in relation to this plane
  • The position of being a human being
  • The light being perception of self
  • What we are taught that limits us
  • How we do thought backwards
  • When the altered ego steps into the driver’s seat
  • When and how we start processing thought in a forward momentum
  • The super-fast light being way of manifesting on this earth plane
  • What deadens us to our emotions
  • A fabulous analogy of a hybrid car
  • What causes chaos in your manifestation process
  • The very interesting truth of panic manifestation
  • An astonishing parallel between joy and panic
  • How all of us can play the manifestation game at the superstar level
  • Why things remain the same on this earth in this time
  • Julius on shape-shifting
  • When we first accepted that the body is real
  • Clear insight into how we created everything as light beings
  • A huge Aha moment about 11 dimensions
  • How we succumbed to being just human
  • How to stop your life from being created by the subconscious mind
  • A very effective discipline for the subconscious mind
  • When we dim our light and how to keep it lit
  • The most fabulous way to resolve problems and issues
  • A powerful activation to activate and further open up our field of emotions

Julius goes deeper into some of the topics in the Q&A:

  • What slows time down
  • Deeper insights into lack and lag in manifestation
  • Suspending time in an emergency
  • Fine-tuning your creation
  • Understanding the nuances of joy and love
  • What to do when in panic about shortage of funds
  • A sixth level of consciousness being and the physical body
  • The fascinating truth of when injuries don’t hurt anymore
  • How to see things in the illusion in an uncommon way
  • Tackling thoughts and emotions around a fear-based issue
  • Significance of lunar energy
  • Dealing with resistance and judgment of those close to you
  • How you can shape shift
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