Julius always strives to bring to our notice all the hidden factors that bring a substantial resistant energy to the manifestation process, and prevent it from being the seamless, effortless demonstration of our intentional thoughts. The automated thought process is one of them.

In this 2-part teaching with highly illustrative analogies and visualisations, there are many ‘aha’ moments of instant understanding into how our lives are demonstrating exactly what we thinking of, especially the thoughts we pay no attention to.

This message of the almost completely overlooked impact of the automated thought process on the manifestation process, will be an eye opener.

It will lead the way out of stagnation, frustration and limitation into rejuvenation, creativity and fulfillment.

Julius explains:

  • What really starts happening from the moment we open our eyes in the morning.
  • How we tend to block out intuition.
  • The consequences of not paying attention.
  • The hidden secret of how to create your life intentionally.
  • The art of staying centered amidst distraction.
  • How the automated thought process is a distraction.
  • How this realm was created and how we are really extraordinary creators of infinite possibilities.
  • An ancient practice used by ancient Gods, priests and priestesses, simplified and effective, as only Julius can make it, for the manifestation process.

There’s more important information:

  • How to use your soul’ sensory system to stimulate your creative thought process.
  • Detailed, practical suggestions to move past the automated thought process.
  • A fun, brain-stimulating activity that gets the creative juices moving.
  • What predictability leads to.
  • About being totally right-brained, and when.
  • Practical suggestions and solutions on how to become aware of all the thoughts you have.
  • Julius’s unique perspective on stress, and what causes it.
  • The best way to tackle a disturbing mood.
  • How to handle other controlling people in your life.
  • The benefits of water.
  • A clear explanation ego and altered ego.

Your life is a comfortable shoe and you wear it and you wear it and you wear it and finally something is going to go out on the shoe.” ~ Julius

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