This is an incredible 3-part class with two teachings and a discussion. It gives new insights into the way the altered ego engages itself within us, the whole play of reaction versus creation. It is a teaching that is designed to help us understand and fine-tune our awareness. We learn  how the key concept of this course affects our energy output, the ignition of the energy frequency bands, causes one of the glitches in the manifestation. At the end of the two lectures, we have a heightened awareness of all the missteps we unknowingly take on our conscious journey and gain guidance on how to level out the speed-bumps as well as the mountains that appear on our conscious journey.

This powerful course will address specifically how your altered ego is operating.
How to redirect your actions, and how to clear old habits you’re not aware of.
When you are feeling good, you often think of your great accomplishments; you are thinking your feelings.
Same as when you feel sad or down and you then start thinking about how useless you are.
Instead, create your thoughts… and then the emotions follow; or vise versa: create your emotion and follow with a thought.
Come experience this profound teaching and truth.

In the two lectures, Julius goes deep into this fascinating subject:  

  • Explanation of the key concept of this teaching
  • Why manifestation sometimes works or sometimes doesn’t
  • The world of distractions in greater detail
  • What happens when hormones go out of whack
  • Why people have chronic pain
  • One of the most well-known hooks that draws people into spirituality
  • Why it doesn’t seem to work
  • How the universe reads you
  • All that comes to you from the soul
  • The play of the altered ego within you
  • The all-important practice of mindfulness according to Julius
  • One of the main things we do backwards as humans
  • Deep insights into the how, when, what and why of triggers
  • Major triggers of repeated cycles of negative thoughts
  • The way out of reacting to these triggers
  • Dealing with people who spark a reaction from you
  • How to change the direction of your life
  • Taking charge of your healing
  • A starting powerful practice for the day
  • Major things in life that derail us in life
  • The meaning of consistent work on your journey
  • Interesting insights into the dreams we have
  • Understanding more of other versions of our fractal
  • Free will explained more fully
  • How retreats and workshops help us
  • How the body, mind and eyes help us in acceptance
  • Practices to help us in implementing the golden nuggets in this course
  • What to do when you are in a low energy space
  • What gives anything the power to derail you
  • A clear example of what might happen in relationships and how to deal with it
  • What rage does to the body
  • The priority that will shift everything for you
  • What could happen for you in 2 weeks!!!!

In the Q&A, the questions prompt even deeper information:

  • Are feelings and emotions the same?
  • Understanding the energy of realization
  • The truth about illusion and reality in this 3D world
  • The variations of thoughts and feelings in the levels of consciousness
  • A beautiful activation of feeling our love-based thoughts
  • Guidance to those just starting on their conscious journey
  • A daily practice to hone our state of being
  • Mindfulness related to this subject
  • The highest truth of veils between experiences
  • How to move out of depression or guilt
  • How to help those who are overwhelmed, suicidal
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