This is a 3 part class with two teachings and a discussion.

This 3 part class addresses two formats and complications of the brain.  With a better understanding of your physical, so shall you become more than that. With light unleashment, energy and intentions, you shall become much more than full brain activation.
This discussion goes further into the ascension process and triggers further expansion.

In modules 1 & 2, Julius gives us deep, exciting information and guidance on this topic:
– How our brains have been wired for such a long time
– How and why your conscious expansion has been blocked
– Breaking myths about rewiring new programs
– What it takes to rewire yourself
– The truth about compulsive behavior and triple AAA type personalities
– The all-important purpose of rewiring your brain
– What to do and how to rewire your brain
– The crucial ingredient, without which rewiring cannot take place
– Why there are so few high consciousness beings on this earth right now
– The two things that go hand in hand in your programming
– Why and how your physical costume is so vital
– The difference between brain stimulation and brain activation
– What starts happening in your life when the brain is activated
– The most effective way to activate the brain
– The types of activities that do not activate the brain
– What happens physically in the brain when it is activated
– How brain activation impacts who you are
– Human fears related to brain activation
– The miraculous things that happen to the human body
– How to activate higher frequencies in your brain
– Various activities for brain activation
– A huge, highly enjoyable way your life changes
– The incredible way you stabilize the brain rewiring and activation
– One more eternally expansive and vital step in this process

The Q&A expanded these teachings in a phenomenal way:

– What it means to be the light in this time
– What constitutes the altered ego in every lifetime
– How brain activation helps enhanced communication with other dimensions and beings
– How Julius ascended from the physical
– Important points to consider when negotiating a deal
– Diet for the brain
– Do versions of yourself elsewhere benefit from the inner work you do here?
– Deeper insights into creativity
– Guidance on transparency and vulnerability
– How to guide children on the programming they watch
– What gives rise to expectations and how to release them
– How to stop rejecting thought
– What happens in the first 21 days of any reprogramming
– The huge benefits of going to astral planes
– How light languages affect the brain and body
– The difference in tiredness from activating the brain and from processing low frequency thoughts
– Deeper insights into rewiring and activation of brain
– Cognitive dissonance and its promotion of dark energies

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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