A two part workshop with one teaching and one discussion.

In this deep discussion Julius will help us navigate the differences between these manifesting energies.
There is a HUGE difference and knowing exactly how it works will assist you to further refine your manifesting powers.
We can get so caught up in trying to control the reality we are in, how about learning to create it?
The most amazing teaching on this important difference:
  • An enormous limitation that we attach unknowingly to manifestation
  • Huge insights into active and inactive parts of the brain
  • The two factors that cause control
  • Why humans have one of the two main fears
  • How to differentiate between control and create
  • How you very powerfully contribute to things not working out for you
  • A wonderful true-life example that illustrates the power of each person

The Q&A goes into many interesting directions:

  • Understanding the soul, thought, Godhead, original energy
  • Deeper insights into the altered ego and the soul
  • Refining the manifestation process further
  • An example of manifesting the highest possible outcome
  • A most empowering truth for us humans through a true-life example
  • The truth about winning the lottery and manifesting it
  • Why the ego was created and the altered ego
  • How to move away from the limitations of the past
  • The difference between a plane of existence and a realm, its implications for us
  • What you would like to know about being out of control
  • An extraordinary definition of control
  • The spiritual journey and running a business
  • The spiritual understanding of ‘remembering’
  • Getting into the space of ‘zero-point’
  • How you can assist others on their journey