This is a 3 part class with 2 lectures and one discussion.

This tremendous teaching will definitely lift you out of massive limitation that has bound all of us through the ages!!

Do you believe that Fate has been pre determined for you on this realm? Do you believe that there is a contract or plan designed for you that you must find a way to know about?
Do you believe in karma and that you’re stuck on on a karmic wheel? …Do you believe that there are records that plan out your existence?
These topics have long been passed around and imprisoned humans for countless ages.
If these things are true, then we are helpless victims and our works don’t really matter in how things progress or turn out for us.
This class will be challenging for most.  Because if these things are not true, then what is holding you back?
This 3 part class will be uncomfortable, relieving, challenging and expanding.

In the discussions, Julius sets out to unravel and take off the shackles that bind us:

  • What constitutes as fate and destiny in the world
  • Tracing how and why we became so disempowered
  • Deeper insights into the programming and coding that subconsciously drive us
  • A totally different perspective from Julius on popular concepts through what exists in astral planes
  • Julius’ definition of fate
  • What helps us recognize this fate
  • A huge insight into the lock loop we all get into
  • Why we all carry the heavy load of guilt
  • The point of transcendence
  • When we become aware of higher truths
  • How to recognize the hidden hook that holds us back
  • Are you fated to meet and stay with someone special?
  • All that contributes to a high-frequency relationship
  • More fascinating insights into the depths of the levels of consciousness
  • The limited truths that are so popular in the world
  • How can we move through this?
  • More clarity on all that God/Source is
  • How truth works for all of us
  • What conscious creation is and how to do it
  • The unwavering support system we set up for ourselves
  • The process out of limitation for humans
  • Why things spiral out of control in life
  • A very clear example of the massive experience of victimhood
  • An ancient practice that is very effective for letting go of everything you wish to
  • One of the pitfalls on the conscious journey
  • How to masterfully move past limitation
  • The process of crossing over the bridge into higher consciousness
  • The other side of guilt is……
  • Why we do not remember our other lifetimes
  • How we can expand in every moment – an amazing ongoing perspective and practice

And more details from the extraordinary Q&A!