If you have preconceived notions about what this teaching is going to be, throw them out and delve into it with an open, receptive mind for it has much to offer. The building blocks of our lives are thoughts and emotions. Julius now goes deeper into them, exposes the limitedness of our standard thought/emotion interplay and leads us into the vast world of new thoughts and emotions to create our realities from.

This course gains massive significance when we realize how bound we are to a narrow spectrum of emotions that do not allow us to access the truly electrifying palette of endless possibilities for ourselves and our lives. The course is designed to help you take yet another gigantic step towards your own empowerment.

Is there more than just choosing our thoughts? Do we have the ability to choose our emotions too, or do some thoughts come with an automatic emotion reaction….?
The conditioning that we are all subject to place an automatic emotion onto certain thoughts. And although we would like to believe we can simply choose our emotions, what if it’s much deeper than that? What if it takes going beyond traditional ideas of what certain emotions are? Can we create new emotions when we need to? Are we capable of creating new emotions or are there only standard ones for humans?

Can you expand beyond traditional emotions into a new space of possibilities. …and if so, how do we draw upon the ability to do so?

Julius teaches us how to mold new experiences with new emotional levels.
This powerful advanced class will help practitioners, students, masterful minds, who intend to go beyond their current lives and realities.

Julius shows you the magic of losing control:

  • The astonishing truth of losing control – its many benefits.
  • The underlying emotion of control.
  • Truly know the extent of conditioning within us.
  • The forces of appropriate and inappropriate.
  • Why art has such an impact and its benefits.
  • The ultimate truth about every thought, experience and emotion.
  • The choice you make that changes everything for you.
  • How to shift into the opportunity of the moment.
  • The whole connection between powerful manifestation and losing control.
  • Step-by-step guidance on what to do in moments of fear, stress, panic.
  • How to create and experience new emotions.
  • Sitting on top of the Ark to magically transfer your energy from fear to love.
  • Another fabulous analogy of the galaxy and stars in this context.
  • Loving, embracing, expanding and renewing the moments of losing control.
  • Why we don’t allow our soul to be.
  • Passing thoughts versus contemplated thoughts.
  • The extent to which your soul is involved in your life.
  • What exactly is your soul?
  • Why mundane emotions no longer register.
  • What we have to do in order to lose control and gain its benefits.
  • The one hugely important reason for accessing all emotions.
  • The vastly detrimental effect of detaching from emotions.
  • How to live a life of feeling without it being overwhelming or unrealistic.
  • Understanding the true uniqueness of each soul.
  • How you can access new emotions in your day-to-day life.
  • A beautiful practice for a beautiful shift within for 30 days.

Many more fabulous understandings and insights in the Q&A:

  • The deep truth about expanding our knowing.
  • Expansion of your being in a low state of consciousness.
  • How to deal with the judgment of others.
  • Loving guidance for your oftentimes lonely conscious journey.
  • How to move beyond the judgment of certain emotions and allow the total process.
  • How to handle judgment that immediately cut off joy and happiness.
  • How emotions are evoked.
  • The interplay between thoughts and emotions in phases of consciousness.
  • A profound explanation to lift the illusion of separation.
  • Do you experience your emotions according to your soul personality?
  • The duration of a lifetime from a higher understanding.
  • The amazing truth of why we set up the 5 senses.
  • Helping children heal and express their emotions.
  • How to change the emotion attached to a thought.
  • What are the whisperings of the soul?
  • The times when it’s wise to not engage in something.

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