Losing Control 3 Part Course

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Is there more than just choosing your thoughts? Do you have the ability to choose your emotions too, or do some thoughts come with an automatic emotion reaction….?
The preconceived notions of what is really going on around you seem to place an automatic emotion onto certain thoughts. And although we would like to believe we can simply choose our emotions, what if it’s much deeper than that? What if it takes going beyond traditional ideas of what certain emotions are? Can we create new emotions when we need to? Are you capable of creating new emotions or are there only standard ones for humans?

Can you expand beyond traditional emotions into a new space of possibilities. …and if so, how do we draw upon the ability to do so?

Julius brings insight into some of the deepest trigger points of emotions, and how to mold new experiences with emotional levels.
This powerful advanced class will help practitioners, students, masterful minds, who intend to go beyond their current lives and realities.

3 Part Course

Lecture One Tuesday July 25th, 2017

Lecture Two Wednesday July 26th, 2017

Live Q&A Friday July 28th, 2017