Be ready for a huge leap in consciousness as you absorb the deep, profound truths that take you deeper into knowing yourself as a light being. We have been conditioned and patterned for so long as limited human beings that this teaching will require repeated listening, yet the rewards are immense, fulfilling and joyous as you tread into seemingly new, fascinating territory that was once your playground.

This teaching is so loaded with light-bulb moments for understanding our current lives as well as excellent guidance for expanding our realities to access the extraordinary that it takes time to assimilate every valuable sentence in it.

One big bonus is the guidance on how to erase the detrimental impact of the subconscious mind not only during the day but also the night!

What is real?  Do we limit ourselves in our creative process by using only what’s presenting itself around us? What if there are ways to utilize the expanded realities that exist in our minds and hearts?

This is an advanced course in conjuring beyond what is obvious.  In accessing internal knowing that is to come and transcendental states of consciousness that can be very powerful and useful.

Start your journey into the phenomenal with Julius:

  • Is there a fixed reality?
  • What actually governs reality.
  • How your whole life can be wrapped around fear without you realizing it.
  • Why there is struggle in life and that frustrating inability to manifest what we want.
  • The important understanding about what creates the reality for most humans.
  • Getting away from that severely limited reality.
  • The role of the altered ego in your reality.
  • The vast scope of expanded reality.
  • A fantastic analogy of backseat driving.
  • ‘Conjuring’ your new reality in the physical.
  • A word of caution about the word ‘abundance’ and why we continually manifest limited realities.
  • The role of other players in your limited life.
  • How to extend your conjuring during your night.
  • What repetitive dreams are telling you.
  • The realities in the dream state and their impact.
  • The observer and doer aspect in your dreams.
  • Can you govern/change your dreams?
  • Making a leap in consciousness through this insight.
  • Getting past the driving impact of the fearful subconscious mind.
  • Actions, intentions, practices that help expand your reality to receive what you manifest.
  • How to carry it into your parallel realities to reinforce your knowing of who you are.
  • How the soul is left out of the manifestation process.
  • Why the universe gives you what you get.
  • The fundamental principle of creating from an expanded reality.
  • An application and suggestions to apply this principle.
  • An extraordinarily powerful application for 30 days for controlling your reality with stupendous results.
  • An advanced application to create in an expanded reality.

A treasure trove of truly illuminating insights and further guidance:

  •  Detailed guidance on how to shift from being the observer to the doer in other realities.
  • Another advanced application for experiencing realities with others.
  • A good way to prepare for the night.
  • How to better remember and interact in dreams.
  • Important insights to prevent repeats of healed diseases.
  • Powerful advice on manifestation.
  • What is the kundalini energy?
  • The fascinating way you access your greater knowing or awareness of subconscious weaknesses.
  • Accessing transcendental states of consciousness.
  • Completing the healing of issues in the dream state.
  • The incredibly limitless way to manifest.
  • How to resolve situations in your life.
  • Differentiating between joy from the altered ego and from the soul.
  • Blending the conjured reality with what is playing out in front of you.

Foundation Workshops: