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This is a key teaching because it is one of the main components for happiness and fulfillment. It is that vital aspect that is not taught to you as a child, rather you are taught about how to fit and survive in the world, which usually causes you to lose your authenticity while still very young. You become something you are not because acceptance by the world is given priority.

When we choose the path of spirituality, we are told to access our authentic self.
Going about this process can be simple for some and extremely complex for others. Some critical questions in this all-important aspect of ourselves: Where does our identity come from and what if we need to maintain a certain portion of what we have been before in order to remain in our circle, job, or society? And at the same time, we seek to refine our authentic Soul and display it proudly and confidently. The polarity of this realm causes us to be complex polarity creatures, so what is Authentic anyway?
This teaching includes applications and techniques to align ourselves with the Source within.

Clarity and guidance for being authentic:

  • A real-life example of authenticity being stifled.
  • The white room theory.
  • Where we tend to get our identity from.
  • What we are taught by others.
  • What we feel when we are not authentic.
  • The one profound difference in upbringing.
  • Transitioning from the caterpillar into the butterfly.
  • People who have more of a challenge seeking their authenticity.
  • A key component in knowing and discovering oneself.
  • Some rules of getting to authenticity.
  • An amazing exercise for refining authenticity.
  • Guidance for empaths.
  • A most important practice on the spiritual journey.
  • The impact of non-authenticity on relationships.
  • How to know whether spiritual icons are being authentic.
  • Who you are authentically.
  • Another way of knowing that you still need to refine your authenticity.
  • The beautiful impact of authenticity on others.
  • Another interesting and expansive exercise for refining authenticity.
  • Where we are heading on our spiritual journey.

Julius gives us more vital information on this key topic:

  • Honoring own privacy and being authentic at the same time.
  • Maintaining politeness with authenticity.
  • How to step away from being inauthentic with friends and family.
  • Is the quiet, ‘me-space’ actually a disadvantage in doing inner work?
  • How to help loved ones accept you as who you are.
  • The biggest honor to yourself and the greatest gift to someone else.
  • What next after authenticity?
  • The best way to express your authenticity.
  • When silence is appropriate.
  • The difference in authenticity according to your state of being.
  • The best response to aggressive people.

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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