This class originally sold for $119.  It has been lowered to $79.

Sales description of Ritualistic Programming

This teaching is going to help you make that vital course correction so that all the time and effort you dedicate to your spiritual journey does not misfire completely. It is going to bring you a great sense of relief, freedom and encouragement to go further.

Learn the truth about how what you may be doing is actually hampering your spiritual journey and get on to what will really allow you to move forward. This course will give you crucial guidance on how to integrate your spirituality with the physical experience and be a master!

Julius sets you on the course correction to advancement:

  • The fascinating origin of rituals and practices.
  • The subconscious and superconscious influences underlying rituals.
  • Why the practice of rituals is important to awakening souls.
  • The differences between religious and spiritual practices.
  • The obstacles in what you desire the most.
  • The definition and practice of true spirituality.
  • What is preventing you from experiencing the All?
  • One of the biggest distractions on your spiritual path.
  • How to be a spiritual being.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of spiritual practices.
  • The roadblocks on your spiritual journey.
  • The spirituality of a 6 th seal of consciousness being.
  • What causes your faltering in your spiritual practice.
  • How to master spirituality and your life.
  • The important thing to understand about isolation.
  • The I Ching secret no one tells you about.
  • The precarious aspect of practices.
  • How to use practices to get the most amazing results.
  • How to access your extraordinary gifts.

Learn more about:

  • Compulsion, obsession and practices.
  • More on isolation and integration.
  • The way to vital self-empowerment.
  • How to differentiate between restrictive and expansive teachings.
  • The legalization of marijuana.
  • More insight into judgment.
  • Important and compassionate guidance on how to stop being a victim.
  • How your soul communicates with you and how to align with it.
  • The startling truth about why Michael Jackson wore a glove.