This is a 3 part workshop with two teachings and one discussion.

We believe it is a crucial turning point in your journey to stabilize your self awareness of all that you are.
We use the words Sovereign Being in our teachings and theories, but what does this mean?
If we are Sovereign, why does it feel like such a struggle to return to that state. It seems to go beyond amnesia, it seems to be so foreign that we have lost all sense of this state.
Look around you at the world and humanity, it seems impossible to expect that the masses will come to a place of Consciousness and Sovereignty…
Julius lifts us up, and helps us to see ourselves and release judgment of others in their path, which deepens our Sovereignty on our path.
This will be a deeply meaningful discussion for you. Like we are sitting together in a deep meditation of discovery of self.

In the first two modules, Julius brings enlightening and deep insights into our forgotten light-being self:
– A clear understanding of what is not sovereignty, with explicit examples
– What sovereignty really is
– Detailed explanation of the aspects of sovereignty
– The 2 main fears of human beings and how one of them relates to lack of sovereignty
– The key cause of all misery and suffering
– One big indication that you are not acting in your sovereignty
– All that keeps us from our sovereignty
– What is scary to people about being sovereign
– The vital but ignored key concepts of accountability and responsibility
– Hidden ways of being a victim
– Understanding love in sovereignty
– Sovereign beings and the experience of loss
– What a person faces when they step out of victimhood
– Signs that you are gaining your sovereignty
– Different ways of handling situations with assaulting energies
– The magnificent state of being that is sovereignty
– Some of the important choices to be a master
– Deeper insights into the emotions of a sovereign being
– The level of consciousness in which sovereignty is consistent
– Different personality types and the ease of being sovereign
– Traits that help you recognize whether you are sovereign or not
– Fabulous clarity on giving your power away
– A beautiful morning practice

The Q&A holds further exciting and highly inspiring information:
– Can you be addicted to the positive?
– What prevents or helps us to remember that we are Source
– Deeper insights into our accountability and responsibility
– How to allow our sovereignty to naturally unfold
– The matching of universal energies with one’s own frequency
– Guidance on doing or not doing what we do not feel like doing
– Understanding how we walk this realm as sovereign beings
– The effect of our other fractals on us here
– Balancing our sovereignty and working within a community

Supporting Workshops:

Foundation Workshops:

These courses sit at the foundation of most of all the Julius teachings and also the human experience of life.

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