Two part class with one lecture and one discussion.

This teaching is so very relevant and eye-opening about one of the greatest pitfalls of a conscious journey. All your questions, doubts and confusion about practices on the path are answered by Julius, giving you a depth of clarity and guidance that will send you with greater momentum and fulfillment on your journey through the levels of consciousness. What if all is not what we have been led to believe about how to go forward?

Do you think that doing meditation, yoga, numerology, astrology, religion, or mudras and mantras grow your Spirituality?… what if we told you they don’t?

Would you be brave enough to join this class and perhaps see what you are NOT doing on your Spiritual Growth journey? What if this life isn’t about the daily practices, but it’s the internal and external growth experiences that matter?

In the first module, Julius debunks many myths and offers great clarity and transparency about the conscious journey:

  • The difference between a master and a student
  • Clear definitions of high and low consciousness states
  • What we are here to do on earth
  • How we can and cannot master the block to high consciousness
  • The role of practices on the conscious journey
  • Where is the icing going to sit on the cake?
  • The massive myth about spiritual practices
  • A brilliant analogy of walking shoes to convey the key concept
  • One powerful practice that very few do
  • What is The Secret?
  • The one thing that guarantees vibrant health
  • This simple but very effective practice in daily life really expands you
  • A deeper understanding of what the conscious journey brings you
  • The seemingly most unlikely space in which fear takes birth again
  • The benefits of spiritual practices
  • Where growth happens

The Q&A brought up very interesting insights:

  • The altered ego and the soul in meditation
  • The effect of joy through limited truths
  • Does fear only exist in physical planes?
  • What beings from other planets gifted us
  • Unexpected, unknown aspects of astrology
  • Other factors that contribute to our personality
  • The actual role of fear on the conscious journey
  • Practices and ascension – is there a connection?
  • A deeper understanding of the term ‘all-knowing’
  • How to know whether practices benefit the unique you
  • An absolute truth about the path of least resistance
  • Deeper insights into the common issue of irritation
Foundation Workshops: